The Pests & Weeds system is an economic SAAS ( software as a service ) model offered to regional councils and unitary authorities

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Pests and Weeds - News

Nov 2023

  • Ability to include audio files E.g. Rook Calls

Aug 2023

  • Links Teasers - allow for a link to any related website beside existing links for plant, animal etc.
  • Maintenance - upgrade Microsoft packages to latest version

June 2023

  • Show attribution on images

April 2023

  • Security update

February 2022

  • Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) has gone live with Pest and Weed Central
  • An option has been added to show a Floating Search Button that shows the search form to avoid having to scroll back to top.

January 2022

  • Maintenance release including updates to Entity Framework

December 2021

  • Poisonous settings for any organism
  • List of poisonous organisms can be displayed by adding &PoisonousHuman=true and/or PoisonousStock=true

November 2021

  • An organisation can choose to order Rules.

September 2021

  • Added control of the speed of the Pest of the Month carousel
  • Silverstripe Package available for use

August 2021

  • Increased password security
  • Allow invite user rather than setting password
  • Allow for non-admin users where admins manage users and settings
  • Link to user's own account to change password
  • Improved caching
  • Improved search

July 2021

  • Added caching of json requests of main display when no tags are selected
  • Changed from auto-load all pages to load on scroll due to possibility of click not opening page
  • Bug fix: removed tags that were appearing from inactive Pest / Weeds
  • Required update due to vulnerabilities in System.Text.Encodings.Web

Feb 2021

  • Updated Framework components to latest
  • Added Print to PDF option to make printouts more consistent
  • Improved tag generation by removing non-words

Apr 2020

  • Removed some of the stop words to allow more words as tags
  • The superuser can edit Organisms even when those are in use

Mar 2020

  • All organisms are loaded instead of using a "Load More" button.
  • Ensured images are cached on client browser

Feb 2020

  • Thubnail size increased for more engaging images
  • Admins can now override the default text of notifications

Jan 2020

  • A rule can now have an associated image. E.g. a map of where that rule applies.
  • Related Links can be added that show on all Pests and Weeds
  • There are now 2 levels for whether the council wants to be notified about sightings of a Pest/Weed.
    Notify (Please Report) Must Notify (You Must Report)

Dec 2019

  • When notification is required you can now add additional text that relates only to a selected Pest/Weed
  • There is now an option for an organisation to display Rule Names in addition to Rule Statements
  • Beetles has been added to the list of Insects

Nov 2019

  • Northland Regional Council has gone live with Pests and Weeds
  • Prompts have been added to assist Organisations that are just starting to use the system
  • There is a setting (on/off) to Auto Start Pest of the Month Slider
  • When editing a Pest/Weed click the "View" tab to see what it will look like on the website
  • Rule descriptions are now HTML instead of plain text
  • There is now an optional description for each Management Programme